18 November 2011 17:40:25 GMT

Dear Anthony


The First Minister has a longstanding engagement this evening in Glasgow and cannot attend the showing as per your invite. He then has a series of constituency commitments over the weekend in the north east this weekend. I’m sure you will appreciate there are extreme pressures on the First Minister’s diary.


I understand that four SNP MSPs have watched your film (Mark McDonald, Dennis Robertson, John Mason, Jean Urquhart) on 14 September at the Scottish Parliament who all found it an interesting and thought-provoking piece.


If you are agreeable, I would be happy to receive a copy of your film on DVD in order to pass it on to the First Minister.


Congratulations the awards to date.


Best wishes



Special Adviser to the First Minister
St Andrew's House
Regent Road
Tel: 0131 244 5190

Reply sent to the First Minister on 23 November 2011 (email as yet unanswered)

Dear Geoff,

Thank you for your reply. I'm sorry that the First Minister was unable, yet again, to accept our invitation to attend a screening of 'You've Been Trumped'.

Frankly, we are disappointed that the First Minister has not made the time to see a film that has created so much interest around the world, and which is filmed almost entirely in his own constituency.

Given the public interest in the issues raised by the film, we would like to go out of our way to ensure that the First Minister has a chance to see the film in the company of average Scottish voters.

In this way, he can witness first hand the reaction of ordinary citizens to the film, and perhaps gain some insight into why people feel so strongly that there needs to be an investigation into the behaviour of police at the Menie Estate, and into the treatment of local residents by the Trump Organisation.

We will endeavour, therefore, to show You've Been Trumped publicly at a location and time of the First Minister's choosing.

Given the government's support for Scottish Arts, we are sure that the First Minister will want to see the film that is reaching more Scots in cinemas than any other Scottish documentary in history.  It has played to sold out audiences in Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh, and is also being shown in smaller centres such as Stirling, Nairn, Inverness, Montrose and Kirkwall.

In addition to providing much needed income to the arts industries in Scotland, the film has also raised the profile of Scottish filmmaking in countries around the world, appearing at, and winning accolades and awards at film festivals in America (Michigan, New York, California, Alabama, Colorado, Washington DC, Missouri and Illinois), Australia, Bermuda, Canada (Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver), Croatia, Estonia, Ireland, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, and Taiwan.

The film has already been translated into Chinese, Romanian and Slovak, and it is being used in schools in Canada.

It has won major awards for Social Justice, the Environment, and Human Rights.

We might add that the film has done this without any subsidy or support or legislative action from the Scottish Government, or the cultural agencies it supports.

Please let us know the date and location that the First Minister would like to choose for the screening.  We will undertake to cover the costs of the presentation so it does not fall to the Scottish taxpayer.

Yours truly,

Anthony Baxter


you've been trumped