What They are Saying about You've Been Trumped

“I heard it was boring.  I heard it wasn’t good.”

- Donald J. Trump (Property Developer)

“I didn't think I could be shocked by the abuses money and power can inflict on ordinary people, but Anthony Baxter, with a calm but steely determination, exposes the way a ruthless, greedy thug can corrupt the state, the police, the media and academia. ...When a handful of decent Scottish people try to defend their homes and their environment from destruction, the angry billionaire seeks to crush them.  For showing us the reality of this "development", Baxter is intimidated, harassed and bullied. But he succeeds in giving us a film as magnificent as the landscape he tries to save, and as warm and principled as the people who live in it.”

- Jeremy Hardy, BBC

“An amazing film....DirectorAnthony Baxter throws a spotlight on the contemptuous way in which Trump deals with the residents.  But most controversial of all is the way in which the potential environmental damage caused by the development has been disregarded because of the perceived benefits to the local economy.”

- Bob Ward,  The Guardian

“I never before found myself shouting and making comments during a documentary, but I was far from alone in doing so.  The theatre echoed with shouts and indignant cries.”

- Suzanne Kenny, Aberdeen Voice

“Will have you shouting at the screen... Anthony Baxter's heartbreaking feature is arguably the most important film about Scottish environmental...rights to surface this or any year.”

- The List - Edinburgh

“A shattering chronicle of the possible Republican presidential candidate’s willful destruction of one of the most beautiful natural preserves in Great Britain....We  see Trump and his son, Donald Jr., bully and harass home-owners with property adjacent to their project — farmers and fisher folk whose families have lived there for generations.”

- Greg Quill, Toronto Star

“This is a real eye opener of a film, and a cracking piece of filmmaking from Baxter, who uses his own nous, nerve and a few judicious clips from Local Hero besides, to make a compelling case. See it and decide for yourself who are the real Brave Hearts in this tale.”

                         - Glasgow Herald

“A superb and shocking film, one that presents a well formulated and highly credible indictment of the Scottish government's disregard for its constituents, and is an expose of Trump's greed and his utter disregard for local folk, culture and traditions... The Highlanders are determined to withstand Trump.  The situation makes for some powerful real life drama.”

- Jennifer Merin, President, Alliance of Women Film Journalists (USA)

“A quietly angry and important film that will inspire plenty of ire in anyone frustrated by the way money and power frequently crushes anything in its path.”

- The Scotsman

“Rogue filmmaker Anthony Baxter entered the front lines of the fight against the developers to capture the outrage of the locals, who stood tall against bulldozers even as their own police force aided Trump’s henchmen in protecting his project.  This shocking investigative film aims to hold Trump—and anyone else who puts personal gain ahead of the environment—accountable for their actions as it documents a protest that still wages on.”

- Michael Moore's Traverse City Film Festival (Winner, Special Jury Prize)

“If there was any remaining question of Trump’s moral ambiguity, You’ve Been Trumped  destroys it. Baxter and Phinney do an excellent job capturing his hypocrisy.”

- Peter Knegt, IndieWire

“Be thrilled that there are films such as these being made. It is a near perfect expression of its artistic form..... It is only now that the authorities (in politics, the media and the police) are sitting up and questioning their own actions. Only right now, when the film has won many awards.”

- Luke Douglas, Culture Wars (London)

“What is astounding, in this at times heart-warming, amusing, and most definitely ire-raising David-and-Goliath story, is how much the government, local police force, and even academic institutions, appear to have colluded  with Trump in his campaign to force out long-time residents.”

- Edinburgh Journal

“A tough documentary by Anthony Baxter...compelling and informative. Highly recommended.”

- Volkmar Richter, Vancouver Province

“The David vs. Goliath film captures Scottish farmer Michael Forbes and other local residents defiantly standing in the way of Trump’s bulldozers as they run roughshod over an isolated stretch of sand dunes in Scotland.”

-  Hollywood Reporter

Very compelling.  Trump can control the media in Scotland, but not the people. You will no doubt  get to see You've Been Trumped  across the continent soon.

- Jian Ghomeshi, CBC (Canada)

“This year’s Green Award goes to You’ve Been Trumped which exposes one of the most shocking environmental crimes in recent UK history.”

- International Jury, Doc/Fest (the UK’s largest documentary festival)

“Set to an atmospheric score by Sigur Rós' jónsi, Baxter's documentary delivers a stirring profile of a principled resistance effort that ultimately enlists politicians, scholars and artists. The clever incorporation of scenes from Bill Forsyth's charming 1983 dramedy Local Hero (in which a Texas oilman attempts to buy up a Scottish village) serves to illustrate that truth is more appalling than fiction. As this scathing exposé unfolds, you'll find yourself mining new depths of contempt for ‘The Donald’.”

- Guide to Vancouver International Film Festival

“The [Press Conference] has  got to be one of my favourite scenes from a documentary. I just love it when he [Trump] says 'any more questions' and Anthony Baxter jumps in again!”

- Janice Forsyth, BBC

“Donald Trump may claim he's "an environmentalist," but You've Been Trumped paints another picture of the billionaire in his quest to build a dream golf resort along Scotland's coastal region.”

- Tara Kelly, Huffington Post

“Considering how controversial Donald Trump is right now, we wouldn't be surprised to see this in theaters at all! (Wouldn't you) go see a documentary that shows the world how Donald REALLY does business?”

                    − Perez Hilton

“You can tear these dunes asunder, turn this wonder into dust

With your cruel hands and crooked hearts laden with lust

And expensive lies

But the haar will stumble in to cover your eyes

The haar will stumble in.”

- From Cover Your Eyes, by Scottish recording artist Karine Polwart, inspired by You've Been Trumped